Sex and Relationship Coaching for Adults

Do you want to come into deeper relationship with yourself and others?

Is sex complicated by feelings of shame or confusion for you?

Do you have questions about how to maximize pleasure for you and your partner(s)?

Have you found yourself wondering about your sexual habits, attitudes and fantasies, wanting to explore what they mean?

I can help you.

Sex education for adults is a real thing. Most people received a cursory facts-of-life talk at best and then were left to figure out the rest on our own. Group learning is fun for some, and I love teaching to a large crowd, but many people are not comfortable taking a class when the topic is sexuality. Maybe you feel that you won’t be as vulnerable in a class setting, or perhaps you know that you will have a lot of questions and want to get them all answered. Sex coaching is a great solution for these concerns.

Some reasons to schedule your coaching session today:

  • Get up-to-date information about the best methods for safer sex and how to have the awkward talks with new partners
  • Finding a good birth control match for your circumstances
  • Figuring out how you really feel about your sexual self, and how to increase your satisfaction with your unique sexual desires and identity
  • Navigating a relationship change, divorce, reentering the dating scene, or shifting into ethical non-monogamy
  • Intentional relationship design
  • Understanding sexual dreams and fantasies
  • Learning how to talk with your kids about sex (she has 7 kids herself and has taught all ages over the past 20 years)
  • Be proactive in your approach to online dating
  • Navigate sexual and gender identity issues from an educative perspective
  • Receive welcome, understanding support in transitioning to a sex positive life

Book a free 15 minute discovery session today.

Book a free 15 minute discovery session

“I came home after my first session with Joli full of hope and confidence. Even on a busy evening, I found great joy in the simple things of going shopping with my wife to preparing dinner together with a newfound hope that maybe I will find even just a little bit of what I have long yearned for as an emotional being. Tonight after dinner we had the most passionate sex and I am just beaming with happiness. I feel like I am driven with a new found purpose. Thank you!”

- Client email after first session

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