C. G. Jung framed his psychological theories around the idea of individuation, a process of continually engaging with the unconscious layers of psyche. By engaging in the individuation process we each become more uniquely ourselves, and less attached to the roles and expectations of society. This doesn’t mean we throw away everything we learned as children about being a good citizen, nor does it require us to accept everything we see as equally wonderful. It does mean that each of us has the ability to come to know how we feel about the rules and roles society prescribes to us, allowing us to then make conscious decisions about how we act in this world.

Depth psychology is a different way of looking at how if feels to be human, and though the terms might be unfamiliar, this lens offers a new perspective on the troubles that often arise around sex and relationships.

Working with Joli means having the opportunity to ask practical questions about things like birth control, safe BDSM practices, and how to talk to kids about the facts of life. In addition though, Joli brings a thorough understanding of the unconscious motivations, collective pressures, and the mythological underpinnings of sex. This might sound exciting to you: a whole new way of coming to know your sexual self! Or, the idea of having unconscious motivations might sound like a lot of hooey, a waste of time in your busy life. Think of the depth psychological aspect of sexuality education as a foundation to a home. You might not care what is underneath your house, but when things go awry and nothing stays level on the first floor anymore, you might decide to take a look. When the time comes to delve into the deeper layers, Joli is prepared with archetypal imagination and particularly effective questions and exercises suited for that experience.

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