Why you are here

You know business dreams should not require sacrificing love and happiness.


Too often, though, you feel that you have to choose between business success and the relationships of your dreams.


Relationships do take work, but it shouldn’t be drudgery.

Transform your relationship by working smarter not harder.

Who I Help

I help people get better at relationships- the education most of us never received.


The love you long for is within your reach, transform your relationship today.

Joli Hamilton is a force for Good and learning and healing in her work as a sex educator. It was an honor to co-facilitate the improv-meets-sexuality education workshop “Better Sex THROUGH LAUGHTER” with her. She taught about sexuality with kindness, support, and humor which made everyone in the room feel accepted and respected in equal measure.
Pam VictorFounder/PresidentHappier Valley Comedy
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